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At Lighthouse Title, our top priority is to ensure every aspect of your closing is clear, smooth and convenient for you, all at a reasonable cost.

We understand that closings often come with deadlines, last-minute changes and complex details where you need a team with professional expertise. That's Lighthouse Title.

One of our primary benefits is that we are owned and managed by Ward Damon, a prominent South Florida law firm with 30 years of expertise in residential and commercial real estate matters. This offers you additional peace of mind as all settlement services are supervised by multiple real estate attorneys with extensive experience in both the legal and practical sides of real estate closings. By providing title services in all cities across Florida in conjunction with the attorneys at Ward Damon, we also have the ability to drastically reduce turnaround time, and rapidly and creatively address any issues which may arise, without any additional expense unless it becomes necessary to retain counsel.

Whether you are a homeowner, realtor, investor, builder or lender, Lighthouse Title Services offers quality, reasonably priced settlement services for Florida real estate transactions. Let our experienced team work with you on a traditional closing, short sale, second mortgage, or an intricate commercial sale; in all instances we strive to ensure your closing proceeds smoothly, while protecting you from unnecessary financial expenses due to unknown judgments, liens, or other title defects.

We are proud to represent real estate brokers, business owners, companies, financial institutions, government agencies, entrepreneurs, executives, investors, and individuals, and provide a collaborative, seamless approach to navigating simple or complex real estate transactions.

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